Welcome to You Financial Group, LLC


You Financial Group believes that -- with a little help -- anyone can pursue financial independence for themselves and their families.  The world grows more complicated every year, which adds to the challenge, but it can be done!

Our goals are to understand you and your objectives, and to help you make informed decisions with your money.  We will take time to learn about your current circumstances and future dreams and strive to help you build wealth that will span your family's future generations.  We rely on disciplined principles that have been honed to fit today's world and your unique situation.

We work with people from all walks of life and income levels.  However, we have particular expertise with hard-working families with an agriculture/food production background who have unique experiences because of what they do.  We also help those who enjoy our wonderful sporting heritage and may want to purchase additional land to pursue their interests and the financial issues that entails.

Please explore our site and learn about the service we provide.  If you have questions or want additional information about our firm, please e-mail us at brian.koch@lpl.com, or call us at 608-345-5355.

We look forward to hearing from you!